- Definition of a new signature of a new concept for the brand's advertising strategy


- Identify Celio and their wardrobe as simple, elegant and modern


Concept and speech: 

- "Celio's man", a modern and elegant man with humor and self-mockery

- Claim: « Life, enjoy », a positive signature to establish the brand in an optimistic and fun state of mind


Visual direction:

- Combining still life content and models: complementarity between the Celio wardrobe and the Celio man

Celio is a French brand of ready-to-wear clothing for men. With its reputation and history, it knows how to design modern, elegant and timeless pieces, which allow to fill the men's wardrobe according to a casual or business. With numerous boutiques in France and abroad, it reaches a wide range of men.



Billboard and press campaign in different countries

Videoclip on social media, on the website and in stores

Multi-channel variations (marketing operations, merchandising, store posters, etc.)

A positive signature to install the brand in an optimistic and fun state of mind.

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