Arrière Plan

Editorial Design


Arrière Plan is a monthly newspaper about Bagnolet a commune in the eastern suburbs of Paris, France. In this ephemeral journal each issue is dedicated to one of the city’s districts where a special event is organized by its inhabitants. The approach has for goal to highlight the living environment of the neighbourhood and the solidarity between the locals. In addition, the newspaper offers a profile of the neighbourhood with data, such as the population number or the average age in the district.


- Visual identity and the magazine’s editorial design based of a prototype issue.


- Simple content creation with a humuristic tone

- Editorial design for the prototype issue on the Malassis district

- The logo and the fonts, according to the title and the content, were created with a team of three artistic directors. The illustration work and the choice of the journalistic format to mimic one of a typical daily newspaper was a team effort. The goal of the easy and dynamic charts were to arouse curiosity and keep the approach simple.